About The Posh Mum Club

Becoming a mother is a wonderful experience. But we don’t have to give up on our own aspirations. Isn’t it time to start dreaming again?!

The Posh Mum Club encourages women to excel in every aspect of their lives. We organise luxury events and workshops to bring women together not just for enjoyment, but to inspire each other and share ideas. The Posh Mum Club is open to all mothers and women who support mothers.

Why Posh? Because a little indulgence never harmed anyone, especially a mother! Time out doing something special gives us that nudge to try something new.
And who knows where it might lead?

My mother told me, “If you aim for the stars, you will land on the moon.”
Create something magical for yourself.


The Posh Mum club was founded by Sahar Arfeen, mum of two little girls, after wanting to pursue something for herself. Sahar attended the City of London School for Girls, followed by the University of Durham to study finance. After five successful years in investment banking, she left that world to start her family. But that didn’t mean she had to let go of her own dreams.

Like many mums, Sahar had plenty of business ideas but didn’t know where to begin. She was always in search of events in her area to connect like-minded mums but didn’t find any luck; so she decided to create her own.

Sahar wanted to bring the glamour back to mum meet-ups and provide a network of women who could support one another. She wanted to offer all mums the space to start dreaming again. And so, June 2017 was when the Posh Mum Club journey began in a coffee shop in Richmond, and like her mum said, she hopes it’ll continue till she reaches the moon.

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